They Thought This Man Died 2 Years Ago. The Reason He Faked It? INSANE!

He was supposed to be dead… and rich. At least that’s what this man thought after he faked an illness and “died” while vacationing in Venezuela two years ago, leaving his business millions of dollars in debt. But things didn’t go as panned.

Jose Lantigua, a former furniture store owner from Jacksonville, was arrested in North Carolina on alleged fraud charges Saturday after his life insurance companies filed a lawsuit alleging he was alive and they shouldn’t be making payments, reported NBC News.

former furniture store owner Jose Lantigua.

The law firm representing the Lantigua family in several civil suits, said Saturday that they were withdrawing from the case

“The law firm was shocked to learn this morning that we have been defrauded by acting and relying on the information that indicated he was dead,” their attorney told reporters.

According to the report, Lantigua was arrested over the weekend when officials stopped a car he was driving in with his wife in Buncombe County.

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h/t: NBC News


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