#ShareTheLoad TV Spot Urging Husbands To Help Wives With Housework Goes Viral

Although today’s husbands help with chores more than ever, it’s not secret that women still shoulder far more household responsibilities than men.

A recent study found that, on a typical day, 49 percent of women did housework like cleaning or doing the laundry, compared to just 19 percent of men. In households with children under the age of six, women spent an average of one hour a day physically caring for them –giving them baths or feeding them- while men spent 15 minutes doing the same.

The survey also revealed that men spend more time on in leisure activities like watching TV and exercising than women do (men spend 5.9 hours a day on leisure; women spend 4.2). Women are also more likely to cook dinner.

In order to encourage husbands to help their wives around the house and bring balance within the family dynamic, the ad agency of BBDO’s Mumbai, turned an ordinary laundry detergent ad into a powerful statement about the double standards that exist between men and women.

The commercial features a woman’s father who suddenly realizes how his behavior as a husband is perpetuated in his own daughter’s household once she grows up to have a family of her own. He’s struck with sorrow and regret, and decides to make a change for the better, starting now.

The stunning commercial titled ‘Share The Load’ was posted to Youtube where it has gone viral, and the hashtag #ShareTheLoad is spreading worldwide.

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