Dog Gets Rescued Just Five Minutes Before Being Euthanized

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This adorable pup, named Robin, was scheduled to be euthanized because of a leg injury. The poor stray dog was limping, barely able to walk when he was picked up by an animal control officer who brought him to Vet Ranch, an animal shelter. But this story has an incredible twist.

Robin’s slow walk to an isolated room inside the shelter was supposed to be his last moment on earth. But five minutes before he was to be euthanized, he was rescued! Soon after, Vet Ranch neutered him and then took x-rays of his leg. It turns out that his leg wasn’t injured at all! They also discovered that this pup had so much love to give!

Just look at how lovable and sweet this dog is! How could anyone not want this adorable pooch?!

I’m so glad Robin was rescued and is now safe and healthy at his forever home. Sadly, so many dogs end up being euthanized for no reason at all.

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