Playful Dog Jumps Overboard In Pursuit Of A Dolphin

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Dogs never cease to amaze us. Just take a look at this little dachshund named Gracie who was so excited when a dolphin surfaced on the Banana River in Florida, that she couldn’t resist going after it.

In the video below, posted by Gracie’s owner, Tina Calderin, Gracie just can’t hide her excitement and goes overboard to chase the marine mammal. She really wanted to swim with the dolphin!

Calderin said “the family had goats at home and Gracie often chases and herds them.”

“I think she was trying to herd the dolphin-like she does our goats,” Calderin wrote. Either that or Gracie was just confused.

“I think Gracie wanted to play. But my biggest concern was that she would get accidentally bumped by a dolphin,” Calderin added. Thankfully, neither dolphin nor dog were harmed during the aquatic encounter.

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H/T: Huffington Post

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