Police Officer's Facebook Post Goes Viral For a Stunning Reason

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Negative news surrounding law enforcement in the United States have become a common headline recently. But Support for law enforcement officers is growing nationwide partly due to a Bridge City police officer’s Facebook post.

Bridge City Police Department Detective Brittany Hilton posted the picture on her Facebook Friday. At first glance, the photo is pretty simple. It shows her and a fellow officer in uniform. “All you may see in this photo is two smiling police officers,” Brittany starts saying. “But there is more,” she continues.

Both Brittany and her husband Steven Hilton work in law enforcement. She in Bridge City, he in West Orange. That means raising four daughters is made more difficult.

“It’s very tough,” she said. “Sometimes we feel pulled in several different directions, but we do it the best that we can.”

“Never expected whenever you post something that it is just going to hit the internet and be shared a thousand times,” said Hilton.

The photo shows her and her husband working on Thanksgiving day with a small summary of their lives. Their post went viral after it was shared by “Heroes Behind the Badge,” and it has been shared over 23 thousand times.

12-News Picked up the story in the video below. Take a look and please SHARE this post with your friends on Facebook to spread her important message.

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