Heroic Dad Risk His Life To Save His Son From Speeding Car

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A dramatic CCTV footage showing the moment a heroic dad in Ukraine risks his own life by running into traffic and pushing his son out the path of an speeding car surfaced online.

In the video, a young boy is seen running towards a busy road. His father turns around and dashes after him in an attempt to stop him. He finally grabs hold of his son. Unfortunately, they were already in the middle of the road as a car came speeding towards them.

With no time to take his son off the road, the father pushed him away before taking the impact from the upcoming vehicle. He was thrown to the side of the road as onlookers scrambled to help. Amazingly, they both survived the ordeal!

According to media reports, the boy escaped without injuries. His father suffered a broken leg, but is expected to recover.

The video is hard to watch, but it shows the length a loving father is willing to go to protect his son. Viewer discretion is advised.

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