Swan Dies After Tourist Pulls Him From Lake To Take Selfie

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What’s wrong with people!? Just days after news surfaced that a rare baby dolphin died when tourists dragged him out of the water to take selfies with it on a beach, a swan has reportedly died after a woman pulled him from a lake to pose for a photograph.

The woman dragged the swan and dragged it out of Lake Ohrid in south-western Macedonia so she could get a couple of photos.


The birds had become accustomed to tourists over the years and were easily approachable, according to Macedonia Online.

Several pictures posted to Facebook show the woman hauling the bird from the lake. The swan appears to resist, his body contorting as he struggles to return to the water.


After getting her selfie, she then left the bird to die on the beach. According to local media, the swan suffered a broken wing and it later died.


Incidents like this make me feel really bad about the human race.

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