You Won't Believe What FEARSOME Creature This Man is Running From

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The man in this video is desperately trying to escape, but the fearsome creature he’s running from will shock you.

Incredible footage shows a man running for his life as a deadly cheetah comes tearing round the corner, and it’s INTENSE.

The clip begins with the man running as fast as he can. He’s moving at such a speed, he almost crashes into the wall next to him as he tries to turn a corner. Seconds later, the big cat appears behind him.

According media reports, the cheetah had escaped his enclosure and started chasing the man inside the building. The video cuts before we discover whether the man survived.

Local media reported that he was able to get inside a bathroom and avoided being grabbed by the wild animal. If he did, he’s lucky to be alive. Cheetahs are considered the fastest animals on earth.

The video has caused a sensation since being shared online. Check it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

That was close!

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