She's Lying On A hospital Bed. What The Man Next To Her Does? Incredible!

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Here at Tabooya, we love sharing inspiring stories. So when we learned about this man who took it upon himself to brighten people’s lives by surprising them with flowers, it really caught our attention.

Nine years ago, Jay was confined to a hospital bed after falling from a ladder and had to endure a long and painful recovery. Fortunately for him, he received plenty of visitors bearing gifts of cards and flowers. Once he got better and was able to move around the hospital, Jay noticed that there were plenty of rooms with lonely patients and without any blooms. That’s when he decided to something amazing.

Jay believes that flowers not only bring joy to people’s lives, but that they also have the power to heal. So he embarked on a mission to share that joy by passing his bouquets on to others, and Random Acts of Flowers was born. Watching his inspiring story in the video below put a huge smile on my face and I hope it brightens your day too!

What an inspiring and beautiful story. Please SHARE the joy by giving someone a bouquet of flowers!

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