After Spending 15 Years In Prison, Innocent Man Reunites With Terminally Ill Father

Having been convicted of a crime you did not do is the definition of injustice. After spending 15 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, Norman McIntosh finally gets to come home to see his terminally ill father.

Back in 2001, McIntosh was accused of being part of a gang related shooting that lead to someone’s death. He was sentenced to 45 years in prison for murder.

McIntosh’s father knew his son was innocent and decided to fight for his son’s freedom. In 2010 Norman Sr. hired attorney, Jennifer Black, that wanted to fight for justice. Thanks to her and witnesses from the case, McIntosh was a free man once again.

Once he got home, Norman was met up by his family, one of which was his son who he had never met before. Another one was his father, who is terminally ill.

His father wanted to see Norman one last time before he passes away. Now he’ll be able to rest knowing that his son is a free and innocent man.

McIntosh had missed so much while he was gone. His family was even showing him how to take selfies.

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Franco Miliotto

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