Chipotle Employee Finds A $2,100 Check On The Floor, What He Does With It Will Shock You

It’s always a good day when you find $20 on the ground. In this case, this Chipotle cashier found a $2,100 check made out to cash.

One afternoon Cristiane Reis’s husband went to get a bite to eat at the local Chipotle in Delray Beach, Florida, when he dropped a $2,100 check. Anyone could have found the check and had themselves a shopping spree. Luckily for this man the Check was found by Chipotle employee, Rools Consiellent.

Consiellent was cleaning the floors when he noticed the check on the ground. When he picked it up and saw that it was a large amount he was shocked. He knew someone had worked hard for that money.

The young man took it upon himself to return the check to the rightful owner. He looked up the address that was on the check and showed up at Reis’s front door.

Reis was amazed at the honesty from the young man, and decided to share what had happened on Facebook. The post got over 200 shares and people from all over were commenting about how great this young man was.

Even the Delray Beach Police Department shared their views on Consiellent’s actions.

Watch the news story below.

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