Woman Finds Dog With Broken Spine While On Vacation, Decides To Adopt Him

While on vacation, we sometimes come across things we don’t expect.

Kiara IJzendoorn and her family were vacationing in Crete, Greece, when they came across a dog in the middle of the road. They noticed that the dog wasn’t moving. Kiara soon realized that the dog had a paralyzed leg and what looked like a broken spine.

IJzendoorn was torn to pieces when she found out that the dog lived alone in a nearby barn. She felt like she needed to help him. While staying in Crete, the family would go and visit the dog at the barn and feed him.

The family named the wounded dog Fos, which is Greek for “shining”. The dog fell in love with his new friends.

Shortly after the daily visits, IJzendoorn took Fos to the local shelter and was able to formally adopt him. The veterinarian told her that the dog seemed to have been abused.

Fos now lives with his new family in Holland. He is still recuperating from his spinal injury, but is making a great recovery. He loves his new home and friends.

This family took home more than souvenirs from their vacation, they took home another family member.

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