Grandpa Receives Light-Up Shoes After 8 Years Of Waiting, His Reaction Is Priceless

There is nothing like the feeling of getting what you’ve always wanted for your birthday.

When we’re older we usually want a television, or a new camera, but this old man had been wanting light-up shoes for the past 8 years.

His daughter decided to surprise him for his birthday with a pair. His reaction is priceless. It’s like watching a kid on Christmas morning.

The shoes were Nike shoes that were tricked out with lights. The video below comes from the company that makes the shoes themselves, Evolved Footwear. They thought the video portrayed exactly the reaction they want their costumers to have when they get a pair.

The company called the video, “The highlight of our year… Nah, we mean existence!!!”

Check out this man’s reaction for yourselves in the video below. It is priceless.

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Franco Miliotto

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