911 Dispatcher Grows Concerned After Getting A Mysterious Phone-Call, What She Does Next Is Amazing

Domestic violence is a big issue. Victims of domestic violence are sometimes too scared to contact the authorities for help.

911 dispatcher, Amanda Berlin, was working like any other day when she received a phone-call that made her a hero.

Back in April, Amanda received a call from what seemed to be for domestic violence. She could hear people arguing in the background but was unsure of what was going on. After the call was suddenly dropped, Amanda kept calling back, no one was answering.

Amanda grew concerned and remembered the new emergency program called Smart911 – which allows dispatchers to send text messages to victims to make sure they are okay. She messaged the phone number asking if they needed help. Sure enough, 30 seconds later she got a reply saying, “Yes, please send help.”

With the new program, Amanda was able to get the house address of the victim. Authorities rushed to the home and arrested the attacker.

Thanks to Amanda’s quick thinking a victims life was saved.

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