Sitting on the Couch Really Can Kill You

For most people, picking out the right furniture is so difficult that they don’t stop to think much beyond size, shape, color, and comfort level to wonder what those black-and-white labels on home furnishings are all about.

The dangers of chemical flame retardants in household furnishings are the subject of HBO’s Toxic Hot Seat, a documentary documentary directed by James Redford and Kirby Walker, takes an in-depth look at chemical flame retardants. The film aired last November and reveals why sitting on the couch really can kill you.

Toxic Hot Seat, is a stark reminder of the dangerous chemical flame retardants embedded in polyurethane foam-based home furnishings. These chemicals do a better job at causing birth defects and cancers than protecting us from fires. In addition to being a safety risk in homes, the toxic fumes emitted when fires start from these chemicals has contributed to elevated cancer rates amongst firefighters; in San Francisco, the breast cancer rate is six times the national average amongst female firefighters between 40 and 50. purchase.

The film has a link on their website to connect with Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families, to mobilize the public through additional information and action campaigns. In case you missed it, we at Tabooya want to share it with you. It will certainly make you rethink your next big furniture.

Foam-based furniture made after 1975 is loaded with toxic chemicals. That’s a good reason to buy vintage.

Video courtesy of HBO

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