The Secret To Unlock You Psychic Powers

Have you ever had an “I knew it!” moment? Have you ever seen things happened exactly the way you predicted? That’s your psychic powers in action. And this power is within our grasp.

Imagine walking into a room and seeing in a split second what everyone is feeling and be so aware of the situation that you can predict what they were talking about before anyone even opened their mouth.

But how do you unlock your psychic powers? A recent article published by Spirit Science revealed a few secrets that I want to share:

1. Stop Worrying

Worry causes us to think about the past or future and doesn’t allow us to observe what is happening right in front of our faces. We cannot allow fear or worry to trap or blind us.

Whether you are wanting to be a secret agent or a super hero you need to learn the calm presence of being completely in the moment. Absorbing your surroundings in a single glance can not only keep you safe but can show you little details about the situation and people around you that you would otherwise be blind to.

Check out what the philosopher Alan Watts said about worry and how to deal with it.

2. Slow your mind down & Stop thinking

That has never been the answer to anything in life before. Perhaps that is why it is so powerful, no one would think to stop thinking.

If your mind isn’t distracting you from your present situation then you are more able to accurately observe what is going on around you and react appropriately.

3. Meditate & Focus on the Present Moment.

Being fully present with all of your senses is the most powerful way to observe truth. Reading people and situations accurately will become second nature as you learn to focus on what is happening right now.

When you have that ability fine tuned the world around you will no longer be able to manipulate you. You will then be able to empower others around you to be honest with themselves and become the very best that they can.

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