10 “Weird” – And Totally Normal Things All Women Do

We all have days when we act “totally weird,” confusing left for right, not knowing where is up or down. If this is one of those days for you, don’t worry, you are 100 percent normal. Here are 10 “weird” things all women do that are 100 percent normal:

1. Sleep or shower
You go into brainstorming mode when you wake up, trying to decide whether to take a shower, or going back to bed for a few more minutes of sleep and put your hair in a pony tail for work.

2. Panicking over your clothe’s size
You tried on a shirt that was a size too small, then started to panic in the dressing room, thinking that you either have to 1. buy it as is and save it until you loose weight 2. just get a bigger size and admit that you have gained some pounds.

3. Thinking you’re going crazy
Your man calls you “crazy” every time you have an argument and remind him o things he did, but somehow doesn’t remember. You’re not crazy. He is playing mind games with you, making you question your sanity or memory of an argument or situation. That’s actually psychological abuse. So, no. You’re not crazy.

4. Judging the way you look
Some days, self-doubt gets the best of you. You spend some extra time changing your hair or color, and sometimes buy new clothes that make you feel more ‘sexy.” You are not alone. All of us make changes to boost our confidence!

5. Wanting the wrong guy
Wanting the wrong guy sometimes feels like craving Keylime Pie when you’re on a diet. Deep down you know you’re not supposed to indulge, but it’s sooo good. But, stop! If your gut tells you he’s wrong, then walk away. Get out of a bad situation before it gets worse.

6. Stalking your ex on social media
Everybody does it. So don’t feel bad if you find yourself checking out your ex on Facebook or Instagram to … see what he’s up to. However, the right thing thing to do is to unfriend or unfollow him to avoid the obvious temptation. Yes, it may be normal, but it’s not healthy.

7. Period Check
Every woman knows what “the check” is. When you’re sitting down, you “accidentally” drop something and while you’re bending over to pick it up, you sneak a peek between your legs to make sure you’re not leaking. Then you double checked to make sure I didn’t accidentally put in two tampons.

8 Crying for no apparent reason
You dried to the point where you feel foolish and annoyed with yourself for having so many feelings. Well, you are just human, and it’s normal.

9. Wanting Commitment
There’s nothing wrong with wanting to take things to the next level with a guy you care about, and you shouldn’t be ashamed for wanting the commitment you deserve based on your time and investment. So, if he doesn’t give it to you in a fair amount of time, walk away. You should be with a man who’s excited to call you his woman.

10. Wanting to know how it looks from ‘his perspective.”
You wanted to know what your partner is seeing right? How many of you have taken that hand mirror and seen what your vagina really looks like? It’s completely different from that angle and can actually be quite educational.

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