5 Reasons You Should Schedule an Appointment With Your Gynecologist

A basic exam at your gynecologist can reveal more about your health than you realize. Yet, many women are hesitant to call and make an appointment with their doctor. Only 17 percent of women see their gynecologist for an annual exam.

If you have been wondering about scheduling an appointment, here are five great reasons to do it:

1. It can reveal and treat the condition that’s ruining the rest of your life: Incontinence.
An overwhelming number of patients are hesitant to complain about incontinence. They think i’t embarrassing. But it’s especially important to discuss it with your doctor. Through a basic exam, gynecologists are sometimes able to detect when muscles have weakened to the point where they may cause incontinence.

2. It can tell if your “yeast infection” is actually something more serious
According to a  study by the American Social Health Association, seventy percent of women try to self-treat a yeast infection before calling a doctor. However, in many cases, that yeast infection commonly turns out to be different kind of vaginal infection, like bacterial vaginosis, which doesn’t respond to OTC yeast medication. A gynecologist can recommend the appropriate treatment based on the type of discharge an appearance of the vagina.

3. It can pinpoint  what’s affecting your sex life.
Many patients are  often embarrassed  to discuss their sexual difficulties.  But a basic test can spot vaginal dryness due to estrogen fluctuations, making difficult for penile penetration.

4. It can identify very rare and serious diseases
Noticed bloody vaginal discharge? Even if you don’t have any other symptoms, a visit to your Gynecologist can save you from a more serious disease.  Your doctor will check for signs of melanoma and potentially pre-cancerous skin changes, which often doesn’t present any symptoms. Your Gynecologist can also identify polyps that could become problematic if they aren’t removed.

5. STD
Did you know that most patients are surprised to find that they suffering from a serious STD like chlamydia or gonorrhea? Sexually active women who suspects they may be infected should request additional a blood test during the physical exam. Your gynecologist will inform you and help you decide what to do about it.

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