Here's A Beautiful Way To Let Moms Know How Much They Are Appreciated

Published on Jan 12, 2015

To those who spend countless hours taking care of a new born. To those who would not sleep just to make sure their baby can. To those who unconditional love provide strength to the weak. To moms all over the world. This is for you.

To honor moms worldwide, Pampers Japan came up with a beautiful way to let them know how much they are appreciated for their love and sacrifice for their babies.

To accomplish that, they released a heart-warming, hidden-camera TV ad that follows mothers as they take their little ones to the doctor for their one-year checkup.

“I have finally learned what happiness is really about”

While the moms visit with the doctors, the dads set up a beautiful surprise in the hallway outside of the doctor’s office. The result? a stunning, emotionally-charged tribute that will make you appreciate your mom even more.

Watch… Oh, and make sure you turn on the video captions for English subtitles.

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