Explosive Car Pile-Up Closes I-94 In Michigan – Almost 200 Cars Involved

A highway accident last Friday triggered a chain reaction on I-94 creating a pile-up of almost 200 vehicles, reported CNN

According to the police, at least one person was killed and almost two dozen were injured, including two firefighters working at the scene.

193 vehicles were involved in the crash. Weather was a significant factor in creating whiteout conditions and a slippery roads, local officials say.

Footage from an eyewitness video posted online shows vehicles crashing into the pile-up and people running from their cars.

The scene became extremely dangerous after “a truck carrying fireworks crashed and exploded, setting other cars on fire as another truck carrying formic acid also crashed, causing damage to the roadway.”

Formic acid is a “colorless liquid with a pungent, penetrating odor” that can cause skin irritations, difficulty breathing, and nausea, according to the CDC.

Update: The scene of the accident has been cleared and all lanes of I-94 are now open.

Watch the video from Channel A News:

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