Professional Diver Takes His Camera Deep Underwater, Films Something Unreal

Published on Feb 11, 2015

Underwater life might as well be a completely different world when compared to our world, as we are in fact “land-dwellers”. Everything, amazingly, flows together seamlessly, as the underwater currents have the power to move whatever it desires with ease.

Filmmaker/freediver Julie Gautier and freediver Guillaume Néry both understand the eerie underworld in the sea. Through artistic imagination and incredible body control, these two have come together to make “OCEAN GRAVITY”, and the result is absolutely stunning.

OCEAN GRAVITY from Les films engloutis on Vimeo.

I was amazed by how long they can hold their breath deep underwater. Julie and Guillaume are professional free divers with years of experience. Both have broken world records in the past, and sure know how to break our minds as well.

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