This Video Proves That You Shouldn't Judge A Book By Its Cover. WOW!

Published on Feb 13, 2015

Sometimes looks may be deceiving. When this dancer stepped out to the dance floor, I never expected to see her do what she did.

Whitney Way Thore is 200lb. But her weight gain is a part of her life that she doesn’t want to feel ashamed of. She always had a passion for music and dance, so she grew up to become a radio producer. When she began to gain weight, she lost her self confidence and felt miserable, so she quirt dancing. But after she learned she had polycystic ovarian syndrome, it was time for a change. She began dancing again without shame. The result? Awesome!

Seriously, you have to see this video posted by Reshareworthy:

Since Whitney started dancing again, she launched the “No Body Shame Campaign” to encourage women to accept and love themselves no matter what size they are or how much they weight.

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