Seconds After Birth: Portraits Of Newborns Capture The Miracle Of Life

The birth of a child is not just a blessed event; it’s the biggest miracle anyone can witness. The portraits below capture the moment when a baby claims the victory of life as he is introduced to the outside world.

Photographer Christian Berthelot was inspired to portrait some newborn babies just a few seconds after birth. The result? Some of the most stunning photos ever taken.

Steven. Born 12-21-2013 – 15 Seconds of Life

Léanne. Born 04-082014 – 13 Seconds of life

Louann. Born 04-12-2013 – 14 Seconds of life.

Romane. Born 05-20-2014 – 8 Seconds of life.

Maël. Born 12-13-2013 – 18 seconds of life.

It’s such a miracle to be alive! Witnessing his son’s birth was Berthelot’s source of inspiration for this project.

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