She Tracked Down Her Biological Father – But Became A Victim Of A Horrible Crime

When 13-year-old Hollie Davey tracked down her biological father, she was excited about starting a new life with her long-lost father. But instead the became a victim of a horrible crime that went unreported for years.

Holly said that soon after she met her dad, Paul Davey, 63, from Suffolk, ‘he made her wear a wedding dress to play mommies and daddies and then raped her, calling her “Daddy’s special girl”.’ He even forced a ring onto her finger.

“I’ll never get over what my dad did”

The rape went for months, and eventually she got pregnant. To make things worst, her father tried to performed a home abortion on her with a knitting needle. When he failed, he sent her to the hospital to have the abortion, and told her to ‘keep her mouth shut.’

Hollie Davey as a child

Hollie later had another child with him, a boy. It was this pregnancy which prompted her to leave, according to media reports.

“I realized he couldn’t get away with this, so I went to the police.”

She underwent DNA tests, which proved her father was in fact her son’s dad.

Paul Davey

“He ruined my childhood,” she told reporters. “My world crumbled. I couldn’t take it in. I was so angry,” she added.

In July, Paul Davey, appeared in court and pleaded not guilty to rape, attempt of procuring a miscarriage and indecent assault.

A second girl later came forward to report that she too had been abused by Paul Davey.

Hollie Davey today

Hollie, now 26, said that she struggled to cope as a teen when her mother told her she had been adopted.

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