Watching This Teeny Snoring Hummingbird Will Make Your Day

Published on Feb 20, 2015

Internet users got an unexpected treat last weekend when a video of a sleeping hummingbird spread like wildfire online.

The hummingbird was filmed during an ornithological experiment that involved measuring the birds’ oxygen intake. The study was part of research aimed at understanding the differences between the metabolism of hummingbirds and that of larger species, according to forrestertr7, who posted the video to YouTube.

The little lady is sleeping in a specialized research container connected to a machine that measures how much oxygen it is breathing. Turns out, the adorable little bird wheezed a “snore”.

“I know its not actually snoring, it just kinda sounds like it,” the uploader said. After its nap, the hummingbird was released back into the wild.

Okay, so the little lady isn’t technically snoring, but she’s still adorable.

Enjoy, and share!

Video by BBC

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