New Unexplained Holes In Siberia Spark Urgent Investigation

Dozens of huge new craters have appeared in northern Siberia, prompting scientists to call for an urgent investigation of the mysterious craters.

Last July, scientists were baffled when they discovered three giant holes in the ground in the Yamal Peninsula in northern Siberia.

Researchers don’t know what is creating these craters, but the leading theory is that the holes were created by gas explosions triggered by underground heat or by rising temperatures in the planet’s core.

“I am sure that there are more craters on Yamal, we just need to search for them. I suppose there could be 20 to 30 craters more,” Prof. Vasily Bogoyavlensky, from the Russian Academy of Sciences, told The Siberian Times.

“We need to answer now the basic questions: what areas and under what conditions are the most dangerous?,” he added.

Experts in the U.S. also expressed concern about the mysterious holes.

“Scientists should definitely conduct more research on these features to determine the processes that cause their formation, how they evolve with time, and whether it is possible to predict where new ones will occur,”  Dr. Carolyn Ruppel, a research geophysicist at the Woods Hole Field Center in Massachusetts, told The Huffington Post.

The photo below shows a recent expedition into one of the craters.

What is your theory about these mysterious holes? Please share your thoughts and comment below.

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