Stolen Valor Caught On Camera At Baltimore Airport

While waiting for his flight at the Baltimore airport, a man with a video camera approached an army officer to offer his support and thank him for his service. But soon, he realizes something unsettling about the soldier.

When the supposed Commissioned Officer of the United States Army was unable to explain the patches on her uniform, the man behind the camera realized he was talking with an impersonator.

He then asked the ‘soldier’ if she was familiar with the term Stolen Valor. “Do you want to see my ID?,” she responded. But the ID did not belong to her; rather it belonged to her brother, Michael Cipriaini, a commissioned officer in the Army. Watch:

The fake soldier, Kelsie Hoover, later apologized, claiming that she wore her brother’s uniform as part of a project for school and had permission to use her brother’s uniform and ID. However, her brother said that he only gave her permission to wear the uniform for still shots – not to wear in public, according to a statement.

What is your opinion on this kind of behavior?

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