This Looks Like A Heartless Prank, But The Truth Will Leave You Teary-Eyed

Published on Mar 20, 2015

At first glance, it looks like these guys are just playing a callous prank, but what they’re really doing something wonderfully kind, and truly inspiring.

When a mother duck was attempting to cross the street with her ducklings, on-lookers were horrified after a gust of wind send four of the babies into a nearby sewer. The despaired mother duck and remaining ducklings drifted away, scared. But the group around the scene quickly jumped at the chance to save the day for the feathery family.

You absolutely have to watch this.

h/t: YouTube

We don’t what happened to these little guys, whether or not they reached their family, but we were thrilled to see people going the extra mile to save the little ones.

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