Police Officer Helps Woman To Cross Finish Line Of A 10K Against All Odds

After losing more than 200 pounds in the last two years, Asia Ford set out to achieve another milestone in her personal journey to get healthy. She decided to run a 10K marathon. But her race to the finish line became a story that is making news worldwide.

At about mile 5 in the race in Louisville, Kentucky, Asia began to struggle and having trouble breathing. Paramedics checked on her, but she told them that she wanted to “finish the race.”

Police Lt. Aubrey Gregory, who was standing nearby, was moved by her determination and decided to help. The officer joined in, walking hand-in-hand with Ford and her son for the rest of the race.

Ford became very emotional as they crossed the finish line. “He was like my angel,” Ford told reporters. “He came at the moment I really needed him.”

“I’m not going to let her stop. We’re going to do this together. So I got out and I grabbed her hand. I had to meet this inspirational woman,” Lt. Gregory told NBC affiliate WAVE3.

Asia finished in last place, but to her it’s one of her biggest wins.

Wow. This is what a compassionate community looks like. We, at Tabooya, love sharing inspirational stories like this. Please pass it on!

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