Puppy Dumped Into A Canal And Left To Die, Has Amazing Recovery

This puppy, named Jordan, was abused and thrown 30 feet into a water-filled canal, then left there to die. His miraculous rescue and incredible recovery is worth sharing.

The wounded animal was in the brink of death when Eldad Hagar, founder of the animal rescue group “Hope for Paws,” finally got to him. What he discovered is shocking. “Oh my God, someone literally cut off his foot,” Eldad said, then rushes Jordan to the hospital.

Jordan was incredibly weak. Doctors couldn’t believe Jordan was still alive. His malnutrition was so severe that it took several days before he was strong enough to undergo surgery for his severed leg.

Though Jordan lost his leg, his recovery is nothing less than a miracle.

Currently, Jordan is living with a foster family and is searching for a permanent home.

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