Look At What Scientists Just Found. It's Unbelievably Cute!

After eluding humans for over 20 years, the Ili Pika, an unbelievably cute mammal with a teddy bear face, was found in the Tianshan Mountains of northwestern China, reported National Geography.

Scientists believed the Pika had gone extinct, but researchers rediscovered the elusive creature in summer 2014. This is the first time it’s been photographed in over 20 years.

There’s so much cuteness packed in this little guy!

Photo: Weidong Li

It’s is basically a teddy-bear-faced squirrel-bunny!

Photo: Weidong Li

The curious Pika emerges from a gap in the cliff.

Photo: Weidong Li

What a beautiful creature! Please share your reaction in the comment section below!

h/t: National Geography.

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