Indian Man Tries To Bury His Daughter Alive For The Most CRAZY Reason

A man in India has been arrested after trying to bury his 10-year-old daughter alive simply because she was a girl.

The shocking incident happened on Friday afternoon in Putia village close to the India-Bangladesh border.

According to media reports, Abdul Hussein waited until his wife was out, then allegedly bound his young daughter with rope and taped her mouth shut. By the time his wife returned home, Hussein managed to bury his daughter up to her chest.

Image: Asia news

Police said that Hussein placed a bamboo basket on her head to hide the half-buried girl until he could come back and finish the job.

Image: Asia news

The little girl was found by neighbors after her mother became suspicious and demanded to know where her daughter was. The neighbors soon discovered the little girl buried in the garden. That is when they confronted Hussein and called the police.

What a horrible crime! What do you think his sentence should be? Please share your feelings in the comment section below!

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