Heroic Cat Saves Baby From Kitchen Oven

Published on Mar 30, 2015

When this cat spotted a toddler playing with an oven in the kitchen, her maternal instincts ‘kicked in’ to save the baby from the dangerous appliance in the most heartwarming way.

As the toddler raised his hands to touch the oven, the cat attempted to get the baby’s attention by brushing past him. But the toddler continued turning the switches on and off while leaning on the oven door handle. The clever cat realized she needed to take more drastic action if she was to avert a potential disaster. Seconds later, the furry white feline jumped up and grabbed the toddler’s arms in her paws, pushing him away from the oven. Watch:

What an awesome cat! While it appears that there were responsible adults nearby to supervise the child, and the oven was not actually turned on, the cat’s actions were truly heroic.

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