Picture Of a 101-Year-Old With Newborn Baby Sparks Incredible Response

When Sarah Hamm of Gilbert, Arizona, brought her two-week-old daughter Kaylee Rowland to meet her 101-year-old grandma Rosa Camfield, she never expected their picture would take the internet by storm.

But just hours after Ham posted the picture showing the “101 year difference” between her newborn baby and the family’s oldest living relative, the image went viral, inspiring hundreds of readers to post their own multigenerational photos.

Amazingly, some of the photos being shared claim an even bigger age gap than 101.

“Our highest gap in age was 112 years, which is pretty amazing,” co-founder of “Life of Dad”, a popular social media network for dads, Patrick Quinn, told The Huffington post.

“To think that they grew up in entirely different worlds than what the newest members will experience, yet their influence, values and love will pass on through them and others to come is simply amazing,” Quinn noted.

“I’m delighted the photo has triggered such a response,” Hamm said. “Grandma Rosa was born on June 13, 1913, a Friday,” she noted.

Rosa Camfield has three children, five grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren and currently lives with her oldest daughter in Chandler, AZ, according to Ham.

Is there a similar age gap between your family members? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below!

h/t: The Huffington Post.

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