These 16 Photos Will Make You Cry, Then Make You Smile… All Day

Not matter how much we try to stay positive, what we see on the news every day can really bring us down. In our current 24-hour news cycle, the media only seem to focus on the most depressing things that happen in our daily lives. However, there’s a lot more good and kindness out there than you probably realize.

Believe it or not, there are people out there, just like you, doing incredible things every day –– things that reveal the best side of humanity and bring joy to your heart. Here are some of them in pictures. Enjoy!

1. At first glance, Dobri Dobrev, 99, may come off as a beggar who depends on the kindness of strangers to get by in life. But it was discovered recently that he has donated every penny he has collected on the street – over 40,000 dollars – to pay for the restoration of monasteries and utility bills of orphanages. The residents of Sofia, Bulgaria, call him and a “divine stranger.”

2. Kids left this note on a tree, trying to find the owner of a new skateboard that was forgotten at the park.

3. This little boy asked his mom to prepare him a sandwich, so that he could bring it to a hungry homeless man on the street.

4. This kid stopped traffic to help and injured dog.

5. A cyclist sacrifices his race time to give water to a thirsty Koala bear.

6. These strangers jumped into a river to save a little goat that was swept away by the violent current.

7. A man gives his sandals to a homeless girl in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

8. This man stopped what he was doing to help an elderly woman with her bags

9. When this dry cleaner decided to help the unemployed.

10. Young soldiers show respect and salute a brave man who lost his legs in battle.

11. This runner stopped to help her opponent get to the finish line.

12. Strangers risk their lives to save a motorcyclist who was trapped under a burning car.

13.  This girl shelters a disabled man on the street.

14. A little girl is visited in the hospital by her hero, Rugby player Brian O’Driscoll.

15. When a concert crowd helped this disabled fan experience something he never thought possible.

16. When this soldier help a little kitten who wandered into the middle of the battle.

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