She's 61, And Pregnant With Triplets, But That's Not Even The Best Part Of The Story

Published on Apr 9, 2015

A mother’s love knows no boundaries, and this story exemplifies that fact. The video below tells the story of Finn Connell, a baby boy that was given the gift of life not by his mother, but by his grandmother. It’s an extraordinary story with a miraculous ending.

From the time they were married, Sara Connell and her husband had tried to conceive naturally. After finally getting pregnant with twins, they started making arrangements to welcome their babies. But then tragedy struck. They lost their babies after a miscarriage. They were devastated.

Sara came to the conclusion that she would need a surrogate mother to carry her husband’s child. While surrogacy is nothing new, I’ve never heard a case like this one. This is a truly remarkable story.

What an amazing story! Would you carry your daughter’s baby if she was having trouble conceiving? Please SHARE your thoughts in the comment section below!

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