You've Seen Her Before, But I Bet You Don't Know Who This Lady Is

Ann Turner Cook was just 4 months old when she rose to stardom. But her fame has lasted for generations. You may not recognize her name, but you’ll certainly recognize her face.

The 88 year old grandmother is the original Gerber baby whose image has become iconic at grocery stores around the world. The Gerber baby.

Cook said in a recent interview that the beauty of the picture has less to do with her adorable looks and more to do with the abstract elements that the artist was able to capture.

“It’s not an achievement of mine, it’s the artist who deserves the recognition.” Cook says. “She captured an image of a happy, healthy baby, and I think that’s exactly what all mothers hope that their babies will be,” she added.

Ann Turner Cook as a baby

Cook’s identity as the Gerber baby was a well-kept secret for over 50 years. She revealed the reason during the interview at OWN.

I had no idea this lady was the original Gerber baby. Did you recognized her? Please share your thoughts in comments section below!

Video: OWN

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