Three-year-old Boy Finds Unattended Gun. His Baby Brother Was Next To Him… Heartbraking

Published on Apr 13, 2015

A terrible incident resulted in the death of a baby boy after his 3-year-old brother found an unattended gun in his house in Cleveland, reported CBS News.

According to the report, the toddler picked up the gun and it went off, hitting his one-year-old brother in the head.

Investigators are trying to determine where the gun came from and how it was left within reach of a child.

“Someone knew the weapons were there and didn’t do anything to safeguard them, so people will be held accountable for this tragedy,” Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams told ABC affiliate Newsnet5.

“This fascination we have with handguns, not just in the city, but in this country has to stop. This is a senseless loss of life in this city again,” he added.

What do you think about the Police Chief statement about America’s fascination with guns? Please share your opinion in the comment section below!

h/t: CBS News

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