This Man Pretends He's A Cop, Pulls Over Detectives… It Didn't Go Well

A Florida man was arrested Saturday after he tailed and then pulled over two undercover detectives, while pretending to be a cop, reported The Huffington Post.

According to the report, John Arthur Benedict, 69, drove a Crown Victoria with strobe lights and a “police interceptor” emblem on it.

“From afar the cruiser looked legit, so the driver of the undercover vehicle pulled over,” authorities said.

But as the detective pulled over he noticed the vehicle was actually not law enforcement. That’s when one of the detectives got out of the car and asked Benedict if he was a cop… and things turned for the fake cop.

John Arthur Benedict

Benedict faces charges of impersonating an officer and unlawful use of police insignia. He claims the incident was just a “senior moment,” and said he’d never done anything like that before. But his son later revealed that “his dad had impersonated a cop before.”

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h/t: The Huffington Post

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