He Suffered Burns to 70% Of His Body In Childhood Accident. You Won't Believe What He is Dowing Now

Terry McCarty, 29, was just six years old when a fire accident changed his life forever. He was engulfed with flames after his brothers filled a bowl with kerosene, set it alight, and accidentally knocked it over him.

It took 58 operations to reconstruct his face. But the physical pain was nothing compared to the emotional torture he endured.

Terry McCarty as a child. Photo: HotSpot Media

Cruel bullies ofter called him ‘Freddy Krueger ‘ because of the scars on his face and body.

Photo: HotSpot Media

For years he lived in constant state of fear of fire. But one day he decided to confront his fears head on by becoming a firefighter.

Firefighter Terry McCarty. Photo: HotSpot Media

With this courageous action, Terry not only defeated the fire that injured him as a child, but also silenced his bullies by becoming a hero for his community.

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h/t: Dailymail.

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