They Didn't Know If Their Friend Was Having a Boy Or a Girl. But When She Gave Birth, OMG!

Published on Apr 18, 2015

When Sharon Rademacher walked into the delivery room, she didn’t know the sex of the babies ahead of time. Her friends and family knew that they were in for a surprise when visiting her at the hospital. But they never expected this big of a surprise.

Sharon Rademacher gave birth to healthy twin girls on March 12, 2015, at West Florida hospital, leaving her visitors in awe after finding out for the first time that she not only had a girl, but also another girl — twins!

The Rademachers filmed everyone’s reaction, which was… well, priceless! There were a lot of “WHATs” and “ARE YOU KIDDING MEs?” and “TWINS?!” A lot of crying too. Friends and family were really happy.

God bless this family! What a joyful moment!

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