Widow Visits Her Husband's Grave When The Most SHOCKING Thing Happens!!

Published on Apr 19, 2015

A 78-year-old widow visiting the gravesite of her late husband became the victim of an unthinkable crime. But this history has a truly inspiring ending.

When her husband of 60 years tragically passed away, Tona Herdon’s world was turned upside-down. Visiting her husband gravesite is emotionally draining. But this particular day she was heartbroken, vulnerable. This is when a complete stranger walked out of nowhere and mugged her.

When news of this terrible crime broke, it spread quickly on news channels and social across the country. That’s when a 15-year-old named Christian Lunsford realized something huge. The mugger was his estranged father. What Christian did next became an even bigger story.

It’s so wonderful to see a teenager with such a big heart. Please SHARE if this story inspired you.

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