This Pit Bull Senses Something's Wrong With This Child. What He Does Next? Mind-blowing!

Pit bulls don’t always have the best reputation, but these dogs can be surprisingly kind and smart. Meet Stevie, a sweet-natured service pit bull who has become a life-saver for a Florida family.

Seven-year-old Anthony has cerebral palsy, and, understandably, requires a little more help with things than most children his age. Thankfully, Stevie is always there to offer him comfort, and most importantly, alert mom when he is about to have a seizure.

“I feel completely safe every time he is with the dog, because I know the dog will look for help if something is wrong,” Anthony’s mother Monica Alboniga told the Miami Herald.

“He is a very good dog. He is very sweet, and very obedient. He is the best there is,” she added.

According to the Herald, Monica Alboniga had been fighting in court for her son’s right to take Stevie to school. She feared that the school’s strict rules regarding service animals would get her son expelled. But after a long legal battle, U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom ruled in favor of Anthony and Stevie.

Anthony and Stevie

The ruling has been hailed as a victory for the rights of certified service animals like Stevie, and especially for the special need student who relies on him so much.

God bless Stevie! What are your thoughts about using a pit-bull as a service dog? Please let us know in the comment’s section below!

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