Man Places a Hidden Camera In His Mother's Nursing Home, Captures The Unthinkable

Published on Apr 21, 2015

Taking good care of the elderly should be one of the most honorable things to do. Unfortunately, sometimes they’re abused and neglected by those who are in charge of their care.

When this man visited his mother at the nursing home she was living, he was distraught to see his elderly mother with bruises all over her body. When he asked what happened, the staff reported that her injuries were the result of “falls and attacks by other residents.” He took their word for it, but later decided to investigate by installing a hidden camera in her room. When he checks the footage? Unbelievable!

It saddens me to see those who are the most dependent on the mercy of others suffer in silence. While this clip was recorded in 2013, it’s as relevant as ever as an increasingly number of people are in need of elder care and support services.

That said, we don’t want a few rotten apples to tarnish the reputation of those who truly care for our elders.

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