His Tiny Body Could Barely Cling to life, But This Brave Newborn Will Always By a Hero

Jess Evans was 12 weeks into her pregnancy when doctors delivered a terrible news – one of the twins she was carrying was terribly ill. His condition was so severe, that he would not be able survive an entire day. It was a heart-breaking blow.

Knowing that their brave baby boy could never survive, Jess and her husband, Mike, battled to come to terms with the tragedy. But despite their agony, they were determined for his life to have a true meaning, and considered the possibility that Teddy could become an organ donor.

Photo: The Mirror

With just moments after being born, little Teddy saved the life of a stranger. This brave baby boy left too soon, but he will always be remembered as a hero.

The video below, uploaded to Youtube by The Mirror, tells Teddy’s story:

I was touched by this heroic baby boy, and hope this story can inspire families who find themselves in the position of losing a child.

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h/t: The Mirror

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