This Adorable Pooch Is Always By Her Side, But When I See Why, My Heart Melted

Published on Apr 23, 2015

Meet little Alida and her sweet dog Mr. Gibbs. With her beautiful smile and blue eyes, Alida is irresistible, unstoppable, always in the company of her dog Mr Gibbs. But He is more than just her playmate.

Alida was only 7 months old the first time she went to the hospital experiencing breathing problems. By 9 months she was diagnosed with Nero endocrine cell hyperplasia in infancy (NeHii), a relatively rare disorder that affects the lungs.

The disease means the oxygen in Alida’s lungs cannot get to her bloodstream, so she needs oxygen around the clock. But the oxygen canisters are cumbersome and heavy. Thankfully, Mr. Gibbs is by her side to help his little friend, always dragging her dad’s homemade cart behind her. Watch how this adorable service dog helps Alida be the playful toddler she was meant to be.

Dogs are amazing companions. Just like this adorable pup who takes care of a special need student, Mr. gives is truly an angel.

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