This Miracle Baby Girl Was Born Twice. How? This is Amazing!

When Texas parents Chad and Keri McCartney say their month-old baby daughter, Macie Hope, is born again, most people may be confused. How’s that possible? In fact, this miracle baby really was born twice.

The TODAY show reports that about four months into Keri McCartney’s pregnancy, doctors discovered a rare, and often fatal, tumor growing on the baby’s tailbone. The tumor was growing incredibly rapidly and was stealing the blood that Macie needed to grow.

Faced with this devastating prognosis, Keri and Chad decided to seek help at the Texas Children’s Fetal Center, where doctors determined the best solution was to remove the tumor surgically. The baby would have died if nothing had been done.

The operation “required that Mrs. McCartney went under a very, very deep anesthesia, about seven times deeper than the average operation,” he said. “That’s necessary in order to have the uterus very, very relaxed,” the surgeon told the TODAY Show.

When surgeons opened Keri’s abdomen they brought her uterus entirely outside her body. “We had to find an area of the uterus that we could open safely so that we didn’t disturb the placenta,” he added.

After the tumor was removed, baby Macie was placed back in the womb, where she recovered and grew for a record 10 more weeks before her miraculous birth.

I believe in divine intervention. And whether you are a person of faith or not, you have to admit that Macie’s s birth was nothing less than a miracle.

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H/T: The TODAY Show

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