Family Dog Saves Baby From Abusive Babysitter

Published on Apr 28, 2015

An abusive babysitter is every parent’s worst nightmare. But that’s exactly what new parents Benjamin and Hope Jordan Babysitter experienced after hiring 22-year-old Alexis Khan to care for their for their infant son, Finn.

Soon after being hired, Khan started to verbally and physically abuse their 7-month-old son. This horrifying situation went on for nearly five months.

Thankfully, the family’s dog, a Labrador Retriever named Killian, was there to witness the abuse, and he found a way to let his humans know something was wrong.

Whenever Khan entered the Jordan’s house, the loyal retriever would growl and stand between her and little Finn, as if defending the baby from his babysitter.

Killian’s behavior got the Jordans attention. So the concerned parents decided to set up an audio recording unit in the baby’s room. What it captured is horrifying.

Thank God this loyal dog help put this woman where she belongs. Time and time again we see why a dog is definitely man’s best friend.

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