She Points a Camera at Her Backyard, But Never Expected To See THIS In The Water

A Florida homeowner was given the shock of all shocks when she came within inches of a SHARK. She immediately got her camera to film the giant predator from a safe distance.

The close encounter with the killer sea beast occurred in Bonita Beach, Florida. In this area residents are used to coming across a rabid fox, rogue squirrel, or even an elderly neighbor sunbathing, but coming close to a potentially killer shark is a step too far.

The clip below, uploaded to YouTube by NBC-2 News, doesn’t identify the person who filmed the footage, but the video description quotes her as being upset about the “irresponsible behavior of some that is attracting sharks and endangering all,” suggesting that some residents are baiting the sharks to the area by offering them food.

While the houses in this neighborhood have gardens which back directly onto the water, “sharks rarely venture out so close to the properties,” according to marine biologists

How would you react if you encounter a shark in your backyard? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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