Man Finds Stacks Of Money In Car Door After Window Stopped Working

A lucky man stumbled into an incredible find, so amazing that he was compelled to share it online. After learning of a police auctioning of confiscated cars, he thought he could get a great deal and went to purchase one of these vehicles. But he never expected he’d score a deal of a lifetime.

The man purchased a car and went home. But when After his power window stopped working, for no apparent reason, he broke out the tools and decided to take a look. However when he removed the plastic panel, he noticed a strange black bag meticulously placed in the glass enclosure.

Photo: screenshot

Hummm? “Could this be illegal drugs?,” he though. After further inspection he was shocked to discover seven bundles wrapped in duck tape.

photo: screenshot

When he opens one of the bundles, he was blown away by what he found.

photo: sceenshot

It was all cash!

photo: screenshot

Upon sharing his find online, the story went viral, compelling the man to delete all of his postings, perhaps to protect himself from unwanted attention. I totally understand.

What do you think of this shocking find? What would you do if you found this money? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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